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Conference Paper

FibeRobo: Fabricating 4D Fiber Interfaces by Continuous Drawing of Temperature Tunable Liquid Crystal Elastomers
Jack Forman, Ozgun Kilic-Afsar,  Sarah Nicita, Rosalie Hsin-Ju Lin, Liu Yang, Megan Hoffman, Akshay Kothakonda, Zachary Gordon, Cedric Honnet, Kristen Dorseys, Neil Gershenfeld, Hiroshi Ishii

UIST, 2023

Conference Paper

Nonintrusive Load Monitoring System for Decarbonization of Built Environment Based on Deep Learning Algorithm

Liu Yang, Wenbo Wu, Xiao Liu

CCES, 2022

Conference Paper

Smart-Color: Color-interactive device design based on programmable physical color-changing materials and motion capture technique
Chao Yuan, Liu Yang, Xiao Zhang, Song Qiu

HCII, 2022

Conference Paper

Downwash-aware Control Allocation for Over-actuated UAV Platforms

Yao Su*, Chi Chu*, Meng Wang, Jiarui Li, Liu Yang, Yixin Zhu, Hangxin Liu


Conference Paper

Design and Fabrication of Formwork for Shell Structures Based on 3D-printing Technology

Zhang Xiao, Yuan Chao, Yang Liu, Yu Peiran, Ma Yiwen, Qiu Song, Guo Zhe and Yuan Philip F.

ECAADE, 2021

Conference Paper

Topology Reconstruction of a Discontinuous B-rep Geometry by using Form Finding Method​

Yuan Chao, Zhang Xiao, Zeng Shaoting, Yang Liu, Zhao Zhilong, Qiu Song

ECAADE, 2021


News Media

Undergraduate Thesis Project

Design of 404 Nuclear Ruins Theme Park Based on AR/VR Technology


Interview | Liu YANG, An Ex-slash Youth who Don't Wanna Have Too Many Slashes

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