Hey, I’m


Phd in design / Scitech-driven researcher


Hey, I'm Liu Yang (read as "Lyou-Yeung"). Fancy meeting you here!


Got my bachelor's and master's degree in architecture, and now am a Ph.D. in Design at Tsinghua University, doing interdisciplinary research in Sci-Tech art and design, especially in parametric design, AI-aided design, transmedium deployable structure, interactive art Installation, space architecture, etc.


Have been engaged in architectural design practice for many years, and have more than 40 completed architectural/interior/art design projects in China, the US, and Singapore, which greatly trained my ability of overall thinking, communication, and cooperation.

In her spare time, Liu enjoys working with friends who have different academic backgrounds, and she has held several hack competitions, including Microsoft Hackathon 2020, Tsinghua×UN SDG Open-Hack, and Tongji University Cross-Strait Youth Maker Competition, and participated in 5 national and international hackathons, such as Hack-UST, China Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Competition, etc.


Due to her cross-disciplinary background, Liu is a person who loves innovation, likes to deal with people and is good at cooperation.

She is proficient in 2D drawing and 3D modeling software, and masters the use of common maker tools, such as CNC, 3D printer and robotic arm, etc. In addition, Liu has lots of experience in event organization and art/software/hardware co-development.

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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lyouyeung

bilibili: https://space.bilibili.com/288045566/
Wechat: Lyou_Yeung